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Introducing ZISU

Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU), situated near the picturesque West Lake, is a prestigious academic institution run by Zhejiang Provincial Government. Guided by the motto of “striving for moral integrity and academic excellence”, the University is dedicated to the cultivation of innovative professionals with language competence and global vision, and the contribution to the economic and social development of the region.

Formerly known as Zhejiang Education Institute, which was founded in 1955 and started enrolling full-time undergraduates in 1994, ZISU got its present name in 2010 with the authorization of the State Ministry of Education.

Based in Zhejiang Province and serving the whole nation, ZISU is committed to building itself into a distinctive multidisciplinary institution of higher learning with recognized strength in international studies and high-quality teaching. It aims to become an important regional center for nurturing talents with multicultural awareness and practical competence, and for training teachers for schools of various levels, while active in international education exchange and extensive research on foreign languages, culture and international economy and trade.

There are 12 schools and 2 departments in ZISU that offer students a liberal education with an emphasis on broad interdisciplinary exposure.
English Language and Culture
European and Asian Languages and Culture
Chinese Language and Culture
International Business Administration
Educational Science
Science and Technology
Applied Foreign Languages
International Education
Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
Social Sciences
Physical Education

The University provides quality academic programs, including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Italian, Accounting, Business Administration, Chinese Language and Culture, Designing, and Musicology, etc. It boasts five provincial-level key disciplines: foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, international trade and tourism, overseas transmission of Chinese language and culture, curriculum and pedagogics, and applied chemistry. There are 14 research centers including those of foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, translation, international business, as well as Latin American Research Center which is the first of its kind in the province. The University also serves as an excellent base for teacher training in Zhejiang Province. At present, it has a total enrollment of 5,100 full-time undergraduates.

ZISU has a faculty with high scholarly prestige and rich educational experience. The full-time teachers total 333, including 69 professors and 110 associate professors, 81 of whom hold a Ph. D. Among them, one is the National Outstanding Teacher, seven the Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 21 the Provincial Outstanding Talents, and 11 the Provincial Young Academic Leaders. Moreover, ZISU currently employs 9 foreign experts and teachers.

International Exchanges
ZISU has attached great importance to international exchange and cooperation since its founding. It is collaborating extensively with overseas partners in the forms of faculty and student exchanges, credit transfer, joint certificate and special programs. By 2012, the University had forged partnership with more than 20 colleges and universities in many countries and regions, including Washburn University, University of Central Arkansas, and University of Wisconsin - River Falls in the U.S.A.; Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics and Josai International University in Japan; Queensland University of Technology in Australia; and Saint Francis Xavier University in Canada.

Facilities and Journals
ZISU has two campuses: one by the Wensan Road near West Lake, the other at Xiaoheshan. The libraries have a total collection of 730,000 books, 480,000 electronic documents, 1161 periodicals in Chinese and other languages. There are altogether 23 laboratories of various kinds. Its well-known journals and periodicals include Journal of ZISU, Teaching Monthly, Writing in a New Perspective, Children’s World.